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DXZone                                                               Ham/ CB Radio / Shortwave Radio internet directory
I1WQR                                                                OVER 3000 LINKS HAM RADIO
MVARA                                                               Ham Radio Links
ON5RC                                                                more intersting links
RF Cafe - Amateur Radio Links                         includes both Ham operator and equipment supply 
CQ Amateur Radio                                             The Radio Amateur´s Journal
CQDL                                                                  magazine DARC
DUBUS                                                               magazine for VHF,UHF,SHF
FUNKAMATEUR                                              very good magazine
RADIOAMATOR                                               publishing house of journals and books (Russia/English)
UKW-Berichte                                                    Supply of RF equipment home of "UKW-Berichte" 
GIIOVANNINI ELETTROMECCANICA        SYSTEMS FOR..HF ; Commercial and Military products
link to DL6NCI column ANTENNAS               Slot antenna for 10GHz
link to DL6NCI column FEED                          10/24GHz feed DB6NT
link to DL6NCI column FEED                          Dual feedhorn for 6cm and 3cm design WA5LUA
here on site F5AYE                                            10GHz feed design VE4MA
link to DL6NCI column OCXO                         OCXO - DF9LN design (figure,photos)
F5AYE OCXO                                                   Another OCXO - from site F5AYE
G3RUH                                                              GPS Stabilised 10 MHz Oscillator
link to John G8ACE                                           OCXO
Aplied Radio Labs                                             RF Designs and Tools , ...
Tools / PA
ALL DATASHEET                                            Free datasheets , search datasheets and more...                                       Electronic Components Datasheets and Data Books
DigiChip IC database                                         IC database...Resources database on electronic comp.
MARSPORT - G4PMK`s                                  katalog SMD
microwaves101                                                  Microwave encyklopedia , calculators and other
YU1AW                                                             Power Amplifier Projects VHF/UHF PA Builders
W2SZ/1 - 145GHz                                             An Example of Gear for the 145GHz Amateur Band
Engineers Heaven                                              Electromagnetic problems
Agilent Technologies AppCAD                        about firm Agilent Technologies , AppCAD...
APLAC                                                             APLAC software (student version)
ARRAYSOLUTIONS                                      Antenna phasing system and more parts for radioamateurs
Dow-Key Microwave                                       Dow-Key Microwave Corporation\'s Website!
EME-hf-technik                                                products for professional and amateur radio applications
FlexRadio Systems                                           SDR transceiver for Amateur Radio use.
Kuhne electronic - DB6NT                              transventer , PA , LNA ... 1,3-47GHz
Prinz componets - DL2AM                              PA 1,3 - 10GHz
Dirk Fischer Electronik                                    VHF-SHF power amplifier and more
Eisch-electronic                                                kits 1,3 - 10ghz , PR modules
JAUCH                                                             Frequency Control Products quartz crystal ...
Krystaly a.s.                                                     Quartz crystal components
HC electronic s.r.o.                                           OCXOs , SMD ...
MGS                                                                 MAX-Gain Systems .... more products
microHAM                                                       producing devices for radio amateurs.
UKW - Berichte                                               magazine and kits
MAXIM                                                           Analog and mixed signal ICs from DC to GHz
RS Components                                               more infos about parts,technologies,AD-DA,filters
Linear Technology                                           all about products ... (FREE FilterCAD)
TriQuint Semiconductor                                  Wireless , Microwave , Optical Networks and more
WiMo                                                               Antennas, Amateur Radio and more...