HAM links

Other microwave HAMs
AF4JF                                                      AF4JF Ham Radio Station
CT1DMK                                                Microwave EME and technique ...
DH0LS                                                    WEB DF0MTL - DH0LS
DL0GTH                                                 VHF-SHF contest group
DL0TUD                                                 VHF-SHF contest group from Dresden
F2TU                                                       EME V-U-SHF
F5AYE                                                     nice page....infos,technique
G3PHO                                                    many informations from UHF
G3SEK                                                    VHF,UHF...EME
G4NNS                                                    EME and other
IW3HVB                                                 VHF-SHF station in Italy
KM0T                                                      The KM0T.com Homepage ; 50MHz - 24GHz
OK1DFC                                                 VHF-UHF-SHF-EME-contest
OK1EM                                                   Blog OK1EM nice blog about SHF practice
OK2ULQ                                                 blog OK2ULQ
OK3RM                                                   Personal web pages OK3RM HF,VHF,UHF,SHF
OL7Q                                                       contest team from Lysa hora JN99fn
OZ2LD                                                    Nice pages VHF-SHF from Chris
OZ2OE                                                    Fine pages VHF-SHF
PA0EHG                                                  pages about SHF , EME
PA6NL                                                    WEB pages VUSHF contest station
S50C                                                        interesting sites from S5
SP group                                                  info from SP VUSHF
W1GHZ                                                   very good pages about SHF
WA1MBA                                                propagation,antennas..etc.
Other HAMs
DH4FAJ                                                    50/144 MHz
DK5EW                                                    DK5EW - DX on 144 MHz
DK5YA                                                     HFDX , THE DK5YA VHF-PAGE ... more info about VHF
DK7ZB                                                     Aerial,transventer 50/144MHz
DR5A                                                       VHF Contesting from JO30em
EI5FK                                                       Ham Radio with EI5FK
F6BON                                                      interesting technical information from Albert
G4CCH                                                     EME 1296MHz , Links to other interesting sites on the web
G4PMK                                                     DUBUS UK,Programms,SMD codes!
G7RAU                                                     LIVE MUF and more software , info
IZ7ATH                                                     more info , also technique
LA0FX                                                      infos about contests ... pgm convert old QTH to WWLoc...
OE5JFL                                                     EME 2m, 70cm ,23cm
OK1CDJ                                                    OK1CDJ's Blog
OK1MGH                                                  Nice pages - theory scattering,reflection... !!!
OK1UGA                                                   Nice pages - Czech languague
OK1VEI                                                     callbook OK , callbooks ...
OK1XR                                                      (OK5WW) member OK1KSO ... silent key
OK2FUG                                                   VHF – UHF – SHF – CONTESTING
OK2ZW                                                     HF,6m,2m,contesting
OL3Z                                                         OL3Z/OK1KZE contest station
PA0ZN                                                       EME, SETI, Radioastronomy, DSP, Radio Amateurs
S53M                                                          nice WEB (Slovenia languague)
VE1ALQ                                                    excelent web page , more technique informations
VE3NEA                                                    DX atlas , Morse Runner (excelent CW training)
W2SZ/1                                                      Mount Greylock Expeditionary Force ...VHF/UHF Contesting
W4RNL                                                      Antennas Service and Education , L. B. Cebik, W4RNL
YU1AW                                                     VHF , technique , amlifiers
OL4A(OK1KIM)                                      HF-VUSHF contest club
OK VHF Club                                           VHF Club ... more about VUSHF in Czech
Czech radioclub                                         information from OK ... also English
Slovak radioclub                                        Slovak radio club - nice WEB and more info - also English
ARRL                                                        The national association for AMATEUR RADIO
DARC                                                        Deutscher Amateur Radio Club e.V.
IARU                                                         The International Amateur Radio Union
RSGB                                                         Radio Society of Great Britain
UK Microwave group                                UK MICROWAVE GROUP HOME PAGE
SK6YH                                                      West Coast Microwave Group in Sweden
ZRS                                                            Association of Radio Amateurs of Slovenia
Server / portals
VKVzavody-CRK                                      Czech server CRK report, results from V,U,SHFcontests   
VKVzavody-Moravany                              Czech server for V,U,SHF radioamateurs
CQ.SK                                                        Slovak HAM portal (Slovak languague)
VKVpreteky                                               Slovak server for V,U,SHF radioamateurs
9A portal                                                    9A VHF-UHF-SHF portal
MMM on VHF                                           Make More Miles on VHF
Russian UHF portal                                    Russian UHF portal - all about VUSHF
HamAtlas by SP6NVK                               ...service containing the complete info all DXCC Entities...
Propagation Studies Committee                THE RADIO PROPAGATION PAGE
slovhf.net                                                    very nice portal from Slovenia
Radioamateur                                              WEB for radioamateurs ... (French languague)
CQWW DX Contest                                   CQ World Wide DX Contest
QRZ                                                            many infos for HAMs
QSL.NET                                                    QSL.NET - many HAM links
eHAM                                                         center for HAMs - dxcluster,propagation,infos ...
DXZone                                                      Ham Radio Resource Guide ...you need for your DX